3kW Grid Connected Rooftop Solar System

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Vigood Solartek offers a 3kW on-grid solar system for homes. While a 3kW system can generate around 15 units of electricity daily, typically between 8 am and 5 pm, powering a big house with multiple air conditioners during peak hours might be a stretch.

Here's what's more realistic:

  • Daytime Power Boost: This system is a great option to generate clean energy and potentially reduce your electricity bills during sunlight hours.
  • Focus on Essentials: It can reliably power essential appliances like refrigerators, TVs, lights, and fans throughout the day in a large house.

Product Overview

Solar Panel

550 watt Mono-PERC Solar Panel

Space required

180 sq. ft.

1 Panel dimension

Length – 6.9 ft, width – 3.9 ft

1-panel weight

25 kg

Solar Inverter

3 kW Grid Tie

This system is best suited for reducing your electricity bill. It will help you to cut-down your monthly bill from 60 to 100% depending upon the generation & usability.

Send generated power back to the grid during the day & ustilize the same after returning home at evening. It is best suited for homes getting Rs.3000/- or above electricity bill monthly.

Eligibility - For 3kW or above sanctioned grid connections only

Package components 

Solar Panel 550W Solar Panel
Solar Inverter 3kw Single Phase On-grid Inverter
Solar Structure Solar Structure
Connector Type MC4 connector 1in 1 out
Connecting wires DC Wire 4sqmm-15mtr. Pair / AC Wire 4sqmm 2core 
Protection & Safety Devices DCDB 1IN 1OUT / ACDB Single Phase / Lightning Arrester(LA) / 2 mtr. GI Earthing electrode with Chemical Bag / Single Core AC wire for Earthing

*Installation Included

**Net-metering extra as per actual (on-demand basis).


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