5kW Grid Connected Solar System

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  • Power for everyday appliances: A 5kW system can generate enough electricity to run multiple air conditioners, along with a refrigerator, television, fans, and lights during daylight hours in a large house.
  • Reduced electricity bills: By generating your own solar power, you can offset the amount of electricity you draw from the grid, potentially leading to significant savings on your electricity bills.
  • Grid connection: With a grid-connected system, any excess solar energy you generate during the day can be fed back into the grid, potentially providing you with credits on your electricity bill. You'll still be connected to the grid to receive power when needed, such as at night or on cloudy days.

Product Overview

Solar Panel

550 watt Mono-PERC Solar Panel

Space required

350 sq. ft.

1 Panel dimension

Length – 6.9 ft, width – 3.9 ft

1-panel weight

25 kg

Solar Inverter

5kw Grid Tie Inverter

This system is best suited for reducing your electricity bill. It will help you to cut-down your monthly bill from 60 to 100% depending upon the generation & usability.

Send generated power back to the grid during the day & ustilize the same after returning home at evening. It is best suited for homes getting Rs.7000/- or above electricity bill monthly.

Eligibility - For 5kW or above sanctioned grid connections only

Package components 

Solar Panel 550W
Solar Inverter 5kw Single Phase On-grid Inverter
Solar Structure Solar Structure (A/c to rooftop space)
Connector Type MC4 connector 1in 1 out
Protection & Safety Devices DCDB 2IN 2OUT / ACDB Single Phase / Lightning Arrester(LA) / GI Earthing electrode with Chemical Bag / Single Core AC wire for Earthing

*Installation Included

**Net-metering extra as per actual (on-demand basis)

Installation Process

Don't know how to install a 5kW grid connected solar system? Don’t worry, we are here for you. You are just 3 steps away:

Step 1: Book Site Survey
Step 2: Get Solar Quotes
Step 3: Install the solar system within 15 working days.

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