Livguard 165 AH Solar Battery

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The Livguard 16560TT is a tubular inverter battery with a capacity of 165 Ah (Ampere-hours). It is designed to provide reliable and efficient power backup for residential and commercial applications. The tubular design of the Livguard 16560TT battery enhances its performance and durability. It features tubular plates that are made using advanced technology, providing excellent resistance to corrosion and ensuring a longer battery life. The tubular design also enables better deep discharge recovery and overall battery efficiency. The Livguard 16560TT battery utilizes advanced lead-acid technology to deliver reliable performance. 

Features :- 

Brand Name : Livguard 
Type of Product : Solar Battery
Voltage : 12V
Battery Capacity : 165 Ah
Dimensions : 19.1x44x50.2 cm
Model No :

LPTT 12150H



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