Smarten Superb 5550 5.5KVA 48V MPPT Solar PCU

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Made with high grade quality, technically advanced Superb Solar PCU is an innovative solar inverter, that gives you the joy of uninterrupted power supply. It's is packed with exciting features like LCD Screen, Advanced DSP Controller and more. Backed by Smarten's impeccable solar technology, the Superb PCU is up to 30% more efficient than normal PWM PCUs. It comes with 4 levels of battery's D.O.D (Depth of discharge) options for your different power requirements 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%.

Its Independent charger (from 90V AC) to Recover Deep Discharge Battery. 10 ms changeover time in UPS mode. Supports LA, Tubular, SMF battery.

*Two power saving Mode*
1. Solar >Battery >Grid
2. Solar >Grid >Battery

☆With in-built 70AMP MPPT Solar Charge Controller Panels Support 4500 Watts.

☆5.5 KVA Solar PCU in 48V (12V*4 Batteries 100 to 220AH)

☆ Superb Solar PCU that supports 2 HP Submersible pump or 1.5 Ton AC, Water Geysers, Microwave Oven etc.

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