UTL Gamma Plus MPPT Solar Inverter 3350/24 Volt

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UTL Gamma + PCU (Power Conditioning Unit) is an integrated unit consists of grid charger, inverter, MPPT Solar Charger. It continuously monitors Battery and Solar voltage as well as Grid and Output voltage with their currents. MPPT based solar charger extracts the maximum power from the solar panels whereby it increases the efficiency of the system. MPPT charger has multistage charging which maintains the battery charging voltage such that it increases the lifespan of battery.

Gamma+ is very easy to install. It fits your budget and also helps to cut your electricity costs. So, it is double advantage to the user!! Unlike other sources of energy, Gamma+ and the Solar Panel do not emit harmful gases and residue. Thus, it helps in keeping the environment clean and healthy.
Features :- 
Controller based Design, Pure Sine Wave with 100% Tracking of Solar Panel, Built in r-MPPT Charge Controller.
● Multi-Color LCD Display.
● All Parameters Selected.
● Freq.: – Available – 50Hz & 60Hz.
● Multi Charging Stage (Bulk, Absorption & Float)
● Solar Priority of Load & Battery Charging.
● Preference to Solar Power Over Grid Power.
● Pure Sine Wave Output.

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