Waaree 545 Watt Mono Perc Half Cut Bifacial Panel

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Waaree - It is the super Hi-efficiency series of solar panels manufactured by Waaree. AHNAY Series Bi-facial is a solar panel that produces power from the front and backside. The guaranteed generation is 545 watts at STC while Bi-facial technology has the tendency to produce 20% more power.

Bifacial Solar Panel is installed on a surface that is reflecting in nature, such as grass, RCC roof, White paint and Installed on a height of 1.5 meters from the ground may result in 7- 20% additional generation.

Bifacial  solar panels are made of Pure Mono Perc solar technology in . It comes with 144 Solar cells a, 9 Bus bar which makes it one of the world's most advanced technological products. 

Product Overview 

  • Highest reliability & enhanced crack tolerant 10BB module
  • Module utilizing Half cut cell for optimum performance 
  • Full square Mono PERC M10 cells
  • Best in class thermal coefficients
  • Highest commercial gains, lower LCOE
  • Split junction box improve heat dissipation
  • Increase shade tolerance

    Product Descriptions 

    SKU: Bi-55-545
    Weight: 32.50 KGS
    Width: 113.30 (cm)
    Height: 227.20 (cm)
    Depth: 3.50 (cm)
    No. Of Cells: 144
    Type Of Cell: Mono Perc 

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